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Nebula™ NetDarknet Fabrics

Nebula™ Net

The ultimate illusion material, Nebula Net is virtually undetectable when stretched taut in front of an audience. lmages then "magically" appear and float in space when the net is illuminated by a projection.

Darknet projection fabrics offer designers a new tool to help create compelling projected effects. Black fabrics have long provided the theatrical "invisibility" relied upon by designers and technicians, but dark surfaces are notoriously difficult to project on. Our new "Darknet" fabrics have been specially treated to provide a high gain, high resolution projection surface. Using these black nets, designers can build effects that surprise and delight their audiences with gorgeous rich images that jump off the screen, having seemingly appeared from nowhere.

  • Width: 26 ft (8m)
  • Length: 90-105 ft (27-32m)
  • Color: Black
  • Flame Retardant
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