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The LED Flood Light for Theatre providing Total Control over White and Colored Light

OKSALIS is a LED washlight which provides total control over the quality of all forms of white or colored light. The new HighColorRendering technology used in the OKSALIS is an exclusive electronic platform developed by  Osram for ADB, to meet the needs of lighting designers who were not fully satisfied with the performance of LED devices in comparison with traditional lamps.

The heart of the Oksalis washlight is a LED light module consisting of six chips, each for a different color: besides the three “classic” basic Red, Green and Blue colors, ADB added Amber, Cyan and Lime. This exclusive device provides a very wide color range with extraordinary color spectrum coverage.

Along side the LED-light-source heart of this system is its brain: the brand new sophisticated software algorithm that controls its functions. The light produced by the OKSALIS has a CRI that reaches values that have never been achieved before by LEDs: the typical CRI value is 97, up to 99. These values were previously only possible with traditional technology.

The OKSALIS is suitable for use in all professional fields of application, where great brightness, a wide range of colors, and a high CRI are particularly appreciated. In fact, the OKSALIS can be used in theatres, television studios, showrooms and exhibitions.

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