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one with eight wireless conference microphone—TD880UR

Function parameter:

● Use UHF550-980MHz band,apply PLL frequency Synthesis phase-locked loop technology, frequency adjustable, transmit power adjustable to avoid interference frequency
● Integrate CPU control with digital LCD interface display,ease operation, superior performance.
● Adopt Expansion of audio compression technology to reduce noise and increase dynamic range.
● With decreased transfusion whistle suppression function, can effectively reduce transfusion whistle.

● The receiver uses multi-level high-frequency amplification, with high sensitivity.

● Multiple noise monitoring circuit,special set lock TONE-LOCK system, so that it has unique anti-jamming features.

● Excellent selection of chips and quality components, make the machine have excellent sound quality.
● Spacious area maximum using distance 100 meters,Spacious area ideal use distance 50 meters.


● Carrier frequency range:550-980MHz(adjustable)
● Power adapter voltage: AC110V-230V 50Hz / 60Hz (please accroding to machine case and power adapter label use)

● DC input voltage: DC12.8V 1500mA
● Power consumption: 13W
● S / N SNR: ≥105dB
● Distortion<0.5%

● Frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz


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