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Outshine Q500 – Mega Systems Inc

Outshine Q500

MEGA-Lite presents the Outshine Q500, a powerful IP65 color-changing unit. With a sleek modern housing, this RGBW architectural/ theatrical fixture has the ability to create countless color combinations with even coverage and a compelling color balance due to its 16Bit dimming. Equipped with 48 10W RGBW LEDs, the Outshine Q500 can illuminate a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. The unit has a two segment mode, allowing it to be used for color changing applications. It can create accurate dimming to even the low percentages with its 16Bit Dimming feature. The two channels for color mixing multiplies each color and enables the ability to create an assortment of various colors. This unit makes it possible to create profound saturates as well as warm pastels and exquisite crisp hues and tints, ideal for church, theatrical and outdoor settings. Supplied with Wireless Solutions WDMX, it can be accessorized with a removable barn door and diffusion filter for further control of the light. The Outshine Q500 is designed to create a clean wash effect, smooth color mixing transitions and generate vib

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