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P16mm indoor – GLIC LED Displays

P16mm indoor

P16mm indoor P16LED mesh (strip) is a regular product developed by GLIC. It is specially designed for live events, and fixed installation. It has slim panel, which is put into road(flight) case for moving and shipping. There is also specifically designed flying bar(rigging beam) and ground supporting structure for staging or fixed installation use. The following is its major advantages: Big size panel: Its panel is 1024mm x 768mm, about 35lb. Brightness: 1800NITs for indoor use, which can be used outdoor at the evening. Not water-proof: front: IP20; back: IP 20. Easy assembling: There are fast locks on each side of the frame of the panel. Since its panel size is big, it is fast to assemble panels into a big LED screen. Best viewing distance: 80feet and beyond. Input data: DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, YUV.

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