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Pixelator Mini PX1-8D - Enttec USA

Pixelator Mini PX1-8D

Pixelator Mini PX1-8D SKU: 71066 Super-compact Pixelator Mini for DIN rail applications Just when you thought superb Ethernet to Pixel Link conversion couldn’t get any more convenient, along comes a DIN version of ENTTEC’s world-leading Pixelator Mini. Got pixels? Then get the best pixel controller in the world.


Remarkable engineering

From the same team that brought you the original PIXELATOR comes this super-compact DIN rail device. With the same classic functionality as our famous PIXELATOR MINI Ethernet-to-PLink driver, the PIXELATOR MINI PX1-8D is an 8-output, 16-Universe DIN rail-mountable pixel controller. That’s still powerful enough to control 2720 individual RGB pixels. Remarkable indeed!

Expert pixel sync

Spectacular performance from all outputs, combined with our expertise in pixel control. ENTTEC’s Pixelator range are the best Ethernet to pixel converters in their class.

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