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The Tectonic PL-11 Flat Panel Loudspeaker is an ideal choice for small to medium sized venues where an equal audio experience for all seats across a very wide listening area is required.

The PL-11 is a passive speaker system comprised of a single Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) and a large format ribbon transducer / horn. System frequency response is 90Hz – 20kHz (+-3dB) and is used in conjunction with third-party subwoofers.

The DML utilizes resonant mode acoustic physics to propagate very wide, diffuse audio energy into a given space. The DML’s diffuse output has a frequency response of ~ 90Hz to ~16kHz with no cross-over network that can introduce phase and time alignment issues or possible distortion.

The PL-11 DML has a horizontal and vertical coverage of 165⁰, is feed-back resistant and generates near-zero amounts of odd-order harmonic artifacts and distortion. The net effect is superior intelligibility throughout a venue.

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