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Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid -  1 GallonPoseidon Aqua Fog Fluid CutsheetPoseidon Aqua Fog Fluid Cutsheet Back

Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid - Short Distance Formula

Froggy's Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid is designed for exclusive use in our Poseidon Series Aqua Fog Machines. Our Short distance and Long distance formulas are designed to latch on to the moisture produced by the Posesidon machines and slowly allow for evaporation depending on your distance application. Our short distance formula is designed for stage and studio while our long distance formula really shines outdoors.



Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid will create a thick blanket of fog that hugs the ground. Great for on stage effects, creepy graveyards, and other low fog applications. 


This fog fluid was designed to latch onto the water molecules generated by the Poseidon Machines. This helps to create a perfectly consistent low-lying ground fog. 


Each ingredient in our formula is 100% FDA approved. No residue, no odor, no mess. 

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