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Power Supplies

PS4 The econoCom power supply, otherwise known as a PS4, is intended to be used in systems which require only one circuit. Up to 10 belt-packs may run on this system without creating hum or overheating the power supply. We recommend no more than two loudspeaker stations or stage manager stations however. Older belt-packs, particularly those with incandescent (rather than LED) signal lamps should be added with caution as they draw much more current. The AC adaptor (AD2410) provides up to 1.0A of current at a nominal 24VDC. It is UL® CE and CSA® approved. It has universal input, operating at any voltage from 100 to 240VAC at either 50 or 60 HZ. The PS4 system interface provides precise voltage regulation, further smoothing of the DC current (AC hum elimination), automatic overload/short-circuit protection, the necessary termination network for the intercom circuit, an LED which indicates that 24VDC is being delivered, and 3 paralleled XLR jacks for connection of headset stations or strings of stations in a party-line configuration.

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