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Conductor Bar Systems | United States of America

PowerGuard TM

PowerGuard TM – Power Disconnect Switch for Maintenance Zones Additional information The Conductix-Wampfler PowerGuardTM system is an engineered solution for removing power from a section of your conductor bar without having to shut down your entire runway. This system is perfect for runways with multiple cranes. You can safely service one crane and still keep your other cranes running. PowerGuard - Electrification Isolation System The PowerGuardTM switching system combined with Power Interrupting Sections create an electrically isolated and safe maintenance zone that is designed to never accidentally re-energize - keeping you and your machine safe and protecting your investment. PowerGuardTM features: Grounded maintenance zone Designed for your specific application Three switch sets for safe operation Visual voltage indicator and voltage test points Pre-engineered kit - includes the switches, mounted in the cabinet, with the wiring scheme provided.

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