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PowerLine Hoist

PowerLine Hoist

The PowerLine is a new generation of line shaft hoist, re-engineered to reduce
size, weight, and cost. PowerLine hoists offer a wide range of speeds and
capacities, making them versatile performers. These hoists virtually eliminate
side loading on the building structure caused by the rigging and can be excellent
choices for retrofits in older buildings.

  • Speed:Up to 240 fpm (1.2 m/s)
  • Travel:60 ft. (18.3 m)
  • Gross Cap.:Up to 2500 lbs. (1,135 kg)


  • PowerLine's compact size makes it ideal for smaller spaces and renovations.
  • Among it's many uses are electric sets, scenery and curtains, and front-of-house
  • lighting sets.


  • PowerLine is customizable to your unique hoisting needs.
  • Fixed or variable speed options to meet your performance needs.
  • Compact unit doesn't require wall or wing space and can be mounted upright
  • or underhung on 10 in. (25.4 cm) spacing.
  • Simple construction places only vertical loads on the supporting structure
  • without lateral loads.
  • Easy to install backbone can be continuous/discontinuous to meet your site
  • conditions.
  • Helical/worm or helical/bevel gear boxes can be oriented 4 ways for
  • simple installation in any space.
  • High-efficiency green motors meet IEC 60034-30 Efficiency Classes standard.


  • PowerLine works with the entire range of Clancy automation consoles or
  • push button controls. It can also interface with any modern control system.
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