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ProCable SEO

ProCable SEO

he Flexible Alternative for Installations Where Code Requires Listed Cables.

As the use of 6-circuit technology has increased, consultants and manufacturers specifying lighting systems for schools, performing arts centers and other facilities have begun to incorporate it into their designs. This process encouraged TMB’s development of the Socapex compatible, UL-Recognized, ProSeries range of connectors.

The advantages this “soft distribution” brings to the facility include: simplicity of connecting and rearranging multiple circuits, compatibility with local rental equipment, increased system flexibility and portability. Electrical installations in these facilities are subject to inspection and some local authorities and consultants will only accept a cable that is UL-Listed, as opposed to Recognized. Conventional Listed cables that are available (typically Type SO) are heavy and stiff with a tendency to deteriorate when repeatedly hand-coiled.

To address the need for a Listed cable, TMB offers ProCable SEO: a very lightweight and flexible cable constructed for repeated hand-coiling. The state-of-the-art compounds used in this cable make it extremely durable, resistant to most chemicals, and suitable for outdoor use.

The full style designation is SEOW.

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