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Procon Plastic Series "B" Heavy Duty Connectors

Procon Plastic Series "B" Heavy Duty Connectors

Procon™ Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors Provide error-free connection of multiple wire control circuitry on robotics, machine tools, material handling equipment, conveyers and other electrical and electronic equipment or industrial machinery.

The rapid economic development in the fifties of the past century, especially in the construction of machines and industrial plants required a so far unknown flexibility. Permanent adaption to the latest developments in technology demanded modified or new devices. It soon became obvious that only automated plants could provide the necessary precision and quality. Automated processes within machines and plants required equipment which was able to permanently control the processes and update the measuring data. The wiring systems used previously were no longer able to meet these requirements.

This led to the development of rectangular heavy duty connectors. This type of construction offers the best possible use of space for different contact arrangements which determine the different series. In addition the rectangular form is ideal for an easy and space-saving assembly in machine recesses, in profile steels and switch cabinets.


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