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Borderless Projection Screens

Welcome to the projection screen of the future: Stretch Shapes’ Borderless Projection Screens. Precision made using our exclusive blackout projection screen material and our own twist on SEG. Stretch Shapes’ Borderless Projection Screens provide a straightforward way to get the large and wrinkle/bezel free projection surface you need with ultra clean edges that go on in a snap. Built to your specs or choose from one of our many stock sizes, our fabrication team can construct the aluminum frame for your screen to perform however you need it to at your event.

SEG unlike all other SEG

Walk through any trade show or major corporate event and you’re sure to see some form of SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) on display. It provides a clean finished look using a silicone strip that is sewn into the fabric. The fabric is then able to be inserted into a frame to give the appearance of a finished look. So what’s the problem? As masters of our craft, we are always looking to improve and innovate solutions for the live event industry. Our issue with the run of the mill SEG solutions was that you still see the frame, which creates a border that can be distracting to a viewer when used as a projection screen. 

Working with our fabrication and patterning departments, Stretch Shapes was able to come up with a solution using SEG extrusion that is custom built to mount onto the back of our square tube frames. This allows our blackout fabric to wrap around the frame, thus eliminating the entire frame from all viewing points of the projection screen.

A fixed frame Borderless Projection Screen like no other

Thick walled, 2” aluminum square tubing provides a solid structure to hold your projection screen intact, allowing you to get years of service out of your Borderless Projection Screen. The stout square tube frame also prevents against material deflection (sagging) along the horizontal edge. Once the frame has been created, our last step is adding the SEG rail along the back. This creates an extremely solid frame system that’s ready to quickly take fabric while looking and performing impeccably. Stretch Shapes can make your frame with either ground or aerial support options. Frames can also have modularity in mind as we design, allowing you to purchase multiple smaller frames and connect them together to make one large frame, as needed.

Frames join together by using a smaller diameter concentric material that is tightly fit into the corresponding segment. The male end is a stainless tube that will never rust and provides a very strong material to fasten into. All fasteners are designed with a countersunk drill bit and countersunk screws that once tightened down, end up flush with the material to provide a smooth finish.
All of Stretch Shapes’ frames are treated with a special industrial coating that adheres to the metal at a molecular level. This prevents the frame from oxidizing and is invisible to the eye.
Understanding that not all Borderless Projection Screens will be fixed, we engineer our frames to break down small, allowing you to transport your screen without taking up a ton of space. Segment lengths can also be designed to your specs so that they fit in your current cases or crates so you don’t have to purchase additional storage for your frames.

A projection screen you can trust

Our blackout projection material is knitted polyester fabric engineered with a bright white front and black back to ensure you will have no frame shadowing or passing light when in use. The slight stretch in the fabric allows you to install the fabric into the frame with ease. More importantly, this slight stretch also allows the fabric to be folded up when not in use and then stretch to be wrinkle free when installed. If for any reason your fabric gets dirty, use a damp cloth to clean.

For safety and to meet most state laws, our blackout projection material is IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) and meets NFPA 701 standards.

To ensure the perfect fit and size, each Borderless Projection Screen’s fabric is CNC cut using our Autometrix Radian CNC fabric cutter. Screens are able to be seamless up to 10’ high by limitless length. Each seams are sewn with a super tight roll hem stich, helping them be a lot less visible than other products on the market.

Customize your project

While this fabric provides a clean and bright projection screen surface, it also makes for a great medium to print on using our dye sublimation printing option. Stretch Shapes’ can turn any size Borderless Projection Screen into a custom branded wall that will provide photo realistic quality every time. Print all over using full bleed or get creative and leave space to project onto. Either way, we guarantee a perfect print every time with no wrinkles or warping of your graphic. Pantone color matching is also available for to meet corporate guidelines.

Pricing and Sizing

Your Borderless Projection Screen will be made to order. To purchase one of our fixed frame projection screens for your next event, please contact our sales department via our toll-free number or use our lightning fast online quote system. Your relationship manager will be in contact with you every step of the way leading up to your event to answer any questions you may have.

Stretch Shapes can turn any size order of Borderless Projection Screens around within 10 business days. Need it sooner? Check out our rush options to see which works best for you.

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