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ProVideoServer™ (PVS)

ProVideoServer™ (PVS)

ProVideoSync (PVS) is a dual channel video player now in use by organizations all over the world for the synchronized playback of two channels of broadcast-quality video. But, the world has changed quickly; codecs like H.264 that were originally suitable for web video became of a better quality, distribution of content over the web became more desirable, remote control capabilities in video switchers became more widespread, and the appetite for even more video channels began to grow.

So, we went back to the drawing board in an effort to address these modern requirements and re-imagined and extended the original scope of PVS. The result of these efforts is a brand new product with a slightly updated name that’s more appropriate for what this product can do.

In short, all the things our customers loved about ProVideoSync, with a bevy of new functionality that will appeal to a whole new market of users at a price point that will, we believe, surprise and delight.

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