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PSL-9 – Strong Lighting


Silverbeam PSL-9/1K is a compact high intensity searchlight system designed for use in security, architectural, television/motion picture production, advertising and special event lighting applications. It is also being used as a solar simulator in green energy design labs. A powerful 1,000 watt xenon lamp combined with a specially designed rhodium plated, electroformed reflector produces maximum peak beam candlepower. The 1,000 watt xenon lamp has a rated life of 2,000 hours and a constant color temperature of 5600° Kelvin. Color temperature will not change over the life of the lamp, making it ideal for television and motion picture lighting. Also, because xenon lights run on pulsed DC current they deliver flicker-free light for high speed film or video. Lightweight rugged aluminum housing and bulkhead combination insure years of safe reliable service. A low noise, efficient cooling system brings fresh air into the lamp housing drawing it over the lamp and reflector. External focus control allows the operator to quickly go from a collimated narrow beam, for maximum candlepower, to a wide flood pattern.