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The Mini LED Pixel Controller provides a wide array of color changing and chasing effects for both PixelPro and PixelControl products. The 16 different effects are pre-programmed to individual buttons on the RF remote and can be modified for speed, brightness, direction and color order. Multiple effects can be linked to cycle through in a specified order and you can save favorite scenes into two memory slots. Power-Off memory, it will return to the last setting when powered back on. This controller supports addressing for 8-360 pixels and can be configured for any number in between. It can handle up to 10A of current at 5, 12 or24V DC. Higher current applications can power the LEDs directly to bypass the 10A limit and just use the control signal from the receiver. 16 pre-programmed effects give flexibility without any programming needed. Controls up to 360 pixels, which is more than two DMX universes. Effects can easily be adjusted for speed, brightness, direction and color change order. Loop multiple effects in any desired sequence. Save two scenes for instant recall at any time. Supports up to 10A current through the receiver at 5, 12 or 24V DC. No power limit if directly powering the LEDs, just use the control signal from the receiver. Multiple remotes and receivers can be paired together for larger installations. Long range RF remote works up to 50m (160ft) away from the receiver.

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