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Ron 2501 Hook Type Wireless Crane Scale

Ron 2501 Hook Type Wireless Crane Scale

The Ron 2501 is an exceptionally small, light and advanced wireless crane scale. The small dimensions of this wireless crane scale ensure low headroom and portability.

The Ron 2501 wireless crane scale features an exceptionally long battery life: Up to 2000 hours or up to 4000 hours (with added option) on AA disposable batteries.

The Ron 2501 wireless crane scale is especially suitable for industries where extreme heat is a factor (foundries etc.), as well as in other applications where the use of cables is unfeasible.

Ron 2501 wireless crane scale is also available as a multi-cell system, where the readings for several load cells (up to 16) are summed up and displayed on one indicator . For industrial applications requiring more than 16 load cells our Ron StageMaster is the best option, up to 100 wireless load cells transmit to one or more receivers and create a real time load map, presented on any laptop screen as well as on smartphones and tablets.

The Ron 2501 wireless dynamometer's software ensures that all indicated measurements are identical to the transmitted values. The Ron 2501 always reads true.

The unique offset hole structure (90º between shackle holes) of Ron 2501 wireless dynamometers and wireless load cells improves safety, utility, and accuracy, by cancelling external movement

This system durable design includes shock dampening mount for all internal electronics so it can effectively absorb impacts and keep the electronics unharmed in the case of mechanical shock.

All Ron wireless dynamometers, wired dynamometers, wireless load cells and crane scales, are made of high quality aerospace steel for increased strength and safety.

Eilon Engineering, Ron 2501's manufacturer, has been one of the leading crane scales and dynamometers manufacturers worldwide for more than 30 years.

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