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RoscoLED® Tape VariWhite

RoscoLED Tape VariWhite

Designed for the most demanding dramatic lighting applications, RoscoLED Tape VariWhite products deliver an amazing volume of high quality, tunable white light that can easily be customized for any project. RoscoLED Tape VariWhite features superior color rendering across its entire color temperature range, along with plug-&-play connectivity and powerful, efficient light output that is designed for long-lasting illumination. RoscoLED Tape Vari White Ultra offers a unique and incredibly broad, 1800K-6000K color temperature range. The lower color temperatures are perfect for designs that require extra warmth – without additional filtration or modification.

Superior Color Rendering

Every reel of RoscoLED Tape - VariWhite generates a high output of white light with 93 CRI and 92 TLCI. This allows RoscoLED Tape products to be mixed with other non-LED light sources for seamless project integration – without additional filtration or modification of the LEDs.

Multiple Color Temperature Ranges Available

Whether you’re illuminating a cool environment or creating an enticingly warm atmosphere, RoscoLED Tape - VariWhite can produce the color temperature you need. RoscoLED Tape - VariWhite reels are available in two variants: 3000K-6000K, and our unique, VariWhite Ultra that features a color temperature range of 1800K-6000K.

Powerful And Efficient Output

Featuring SMD2835 white emitters, each reel of RoscoLED Tape - VariWhite produces up to 1,500 lumens/meter – while only consuming 95 watts of energy. That equates to an efficient 19 watts per meter of clean and bright white light.

Plug-&-Play Connectivity

Each reel of RoscoLED Tape comes pre-configured with a multi-pin connector that is designed to quickly plug into our RoscoLED Control Boxes, Extension Cables and Splitters – no field-soldering required! A mating female connector with pigtails is included with every reel for connection to optional, stand-alone power and dimming controls.

Fully Customizable Solutions

Standard RoscoLED Tape has an IP43 rating. IP65 reels are also available by special order for outdoor installations. Reels of RoscoLED Tape - VariWhite is also field cut-able, with cut-points every 100mm - enabling completely customized installation. 

Durable, Long-Lasting Illumination

Each reel of RoscoLED Tape - VariWhite features a robust, 3 oz. copper heat sink. The integrated copper enables efficient thermal management of the LED emitters, allowing them to run cooler and extend their lifespan. The thicker copper base also minimizes potential for damage to the electronic circuits during handling and installation.

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