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RPCM – Controllable Mobile Power Distro Rack

RPCM – Controllable Mobile Power Distro Rack

The RPCM brings proven RPC control, including web-enabled control and monitoring, remote-control breakers, and both branch and phase current monitoring, to a mobile power distribution solution.  Simply plug in a network connection to the RPCM controller, take the IP address off of the LCD screen, put the IP address into any browser ready device on your network, and you can turn circuits on or off with the touch of a button, or monitor you branch current and other energy usage statistics.  The RPCM even has built-in alarming capabilities so it will send you a text if you’re having electrical problems.  This is the smart power distro alternative that gives you the information and control you’ve always wanted in a mobile PD rack!

Standard Features:

  •  120/208 Volts
  •  42 breaker positions
  •  Populated to your specification
  •  Mix and match motorized and un-motorized breakers
  • 150A, 225A, or 400A MCB
  • 400A bus
  •  Cam-style connectors for power input and feed-thru.
  •  200% neutrals
  • Nine LED displays to monitor power
  • 3-phase voltage
  • 3-phase current
  • Neutral-ground voltage
  • Neutral current
  • Line frequency
  •  Multi-function LCD display
  •  Branch and phase current monitoring
  •  Customized output connectors
  •  ETL Listed
  •  RPC Controller

Optional Features:

  •  240 or 277V three phase
  •  240/120V single phase
  •  Integrated WiFi
  •  Brownout protection (requires motorized breakers)
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