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SC SUB Series – Subwoofer – Coda Audio

SC SUB Series – Subwoofer

The performance of subwoofers can be unpredictable due to the nonlinear distortion produced by the subwoofer itself, especially under high-power conditions. CODA subwoofers have been designed to overcome this problem. The transducers in CODA’s sensor-controlled low frequency elements contain an integrated velocity sensor that measures LF diaphragm movement in real time and compares it with the input audio signal. This proprietary sensor-controlled technology is a self-optimizing, closed feedback loop that precisely determines how much power the driver needs to accurately reproduce the original audio signal. Any distortion produced by the driver or the enclosure is instantly corrected. The result is a line of well-behaved, high-fidelity, high powered CODA subwoofers that allow the system designer to approach low frequency reinforcement with the same detail, sophistication, and confidence as the rest of the audio spectrum.