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Servo Gearmotor PSF/PSC/BSF Series

Your advantages

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Highest permitted torques and overhung loads
  • High efficiency levels
  • Highest level of reliability, availability and durability
  • Adaptor is eliminated, which cuts costs

PSC series

The low backlash PSC planetary servo gear units are designed for the 30 to 350 Nm (265 to 3100 lb-in) torque classes. They were designed to combine the greatest possible flexibility and cost-efficiency because not every application requires high-performance components.

They provide a basis for diverse, dynamic and cost-optimized drive solutions.

The PSC planetary servo gear units are available in the following versions:

  • PSC = B5 output, smooth output shaft
  • PSKC = B5 output, with keyway
  • PSCZ = B14, output, smooth output shaft
  • PSKCZ = B14 output, with keyway
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