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Ship-to-Shore Power - Dockside Connection Station

Ship-to-Shore Power

Ship-to-Shore Power As a Certified Small Business, ESL works with customers to design and implement custom engineered solutions for commercial and military ship-to-shore power connection equipment such as: Dockside Power Connection Stations Submarine Hook-up/Shore Power Hotels Electrical shore-tie Stations Ship-to-Shore Power Communication Berth Assemblies Submarine Turtleback Boxes Ship-to-Shore Power Tie StationIncreases in maritime shipping and environmental pollution concerns have created a demand for ship-to-shore power solutions that comply with environmental restrictions in ports and harbors. “Cold-ironing,” a process of ships shutting down on-board generation and then plugging into shore-side power while in berth, can reduce air pollution by 39% in areas neighboring ports. According to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, this method removes more than three tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 350 pounds of particulate matter from the air for each ship that is “plugged in.” The US Military has used this method for many decades to reduce on-board manpower requirements while in port. With a continuous commitment to Safety, Innovation, Quality, Value, and Customer Service, ESL forges the way in ship-to-shore power technology.

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