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SMS CONNECTORS | Neoprene single, Multi-pole, Quick-lok Connectors, Cam-locks, Electrical Connectors, Mining Cable, Cable

Ship to Shore Power Connectors

Made in the USA Mining PDF drawings available upon request. Standard Features Molded to specific lengths of cable - or field attachable Neoprene material to resist corrosion 3/4 turn for connect / disconnect with pin and groove and ball bearing design Tow grommets with O-ring seals All contact pins are silver plated Back of contact pins are bevelled for easier wire insertion Recessed "D" stock pins to prevent arcing Rough interior surface secures wire When engaged, connectors are water-tight and dust-tight 2500 volt / 800 amp intermittent - 750 volt / 500 amp continuous Completely interchangeable with connectors of other manufacture

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