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SM192 Moving Light Controller

SM192 Moving Light Controller

The SM192 moving light controller is suitable for church, stage, theater, disco, night club, live performances and other event and artistic applications. 

It is a fixture (or scanner) oriented DMX controller. It can control up to 12 fixtures of 16 DMX channels each. The unit can also be used to control conventional dimmer packs. The SM192 includes 30 banks of user programmable scenes. Each bank can contain up to 8 scenes. There are also 6 programmable chases. Each chase may contain up to 240 steps. Scene banks can be automatically run like chases.


  • LED Compatible
  • Moving Light Console
  • 192 DMX Channels
  • 12 Scanner Buttons
  • 30 Banks with 8 Scenes each
  • 6 Chases
  • 8 Channel Sliders
  • Blackout Button
  • Fade Time & Speed Time Sliders
  • Polarity Selector
  • 4 Run Modes; Sound, Manual, Auto, MIDI
  • Optional Buttons for Fog Machine and Flash Light
  • IMPORT DMX Controller
  • 2 Year Warranty
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