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Altman Lighting Smart Track Lighting System

Altman Lighting Smart Track Lighting System

Altman Lighting’s Smart Track® Lighting System is a revolutionary way to power & control individually addressable luminaires without the need for dimmer packs, relay panels, and bulky cable runs. Smart Track® systems are cost effective solutions that are easy to lay out, install, and maintain. The Smart Track® Lighting System works best with Altman Lighting’s Gallery series luminaires, Spectra Series LED luminaires, Smart IQ series luminaires, and the Smart Micro and Master family of framing projectors. Altman Smart Track® fixtures feature individually controllable quartz, CDM, and LED light sources with built-in dimming, switching, and drivers.

The Smart Track® Lighting System, with Altman luminaires, features per fixture control of dimmed, switched, and LED sources on a shared power feed. Smart fixtures powered by the same circuit maintain independent control, therefore Smart Track systems use up to 75% fewer conductors than a traditional lighting track. The unique features of Altman’s Smart Track® system make it the ideal solution for many applications, including retail stores, museums, churches, restaurants, clubs and entertainment venues.

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