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Solitaire Impress

Solitaire Impress

The Solitaire Impress modular dimming system provides 18-preset dimming control, with capacitive touch buttons and sliders. Master controllers are available with six, 0-10V (Soli 10V) or phase control outputs (STM6) and have a 2000-watt load capacity with up to 800 watts per channel. The 0-10V version (Soli 10) is an industry first providing a single solution for mixed 0-10 and DMX LED applications with a UL electronic ballast rating. The Soli 10V master was recognized in the 2013 IES progress report. A DMX only master (Soli DMX) is also available.

Master controllers include a direct DMX output to control color LEDs. Single, or multi-channel, paged zones can be set up across 512 DMX outputs, and include a unique virtual intensity control of standard RGB LEDs that do not support intensity control in their DMX profile.

Masters also include micro USB, occupancy, fire alarm, and daylight sensor inputs. Auxiliary stations provide remote preset recall, occupancy and daylight sensor inputs, dry contact outputs, wireless DMX, Ethernet, RS232, and Wi-Fi.

Power modules, with DMX512 input, provide various dimming control solutions including standard leading edge (forward phase), trailing edge (reverse-phase/ELV), 0-10V fluorescent and LED, 2, 3, and 4-wire fluorescent, and non-dim for any application. The dual 0-10V module can provide up to 2000W single zone or split on two zones for 4-wire LEDs or fluorescent fixtures.

The Solitaire Impress modular dimming system is ideal for restaurants, themed-retail, conference rooms, houses of worship, convention centers, and theater house light control.

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