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Solo G3

Solo G3

Designed with portability in mind, Solo G3 is the ultimate in handheld control, allowing operators to be mobile with the best line of sight in every stage environment. This highly versatile mini-desk is invaluable for common, repetitive stage management, maintenance and rigging tasks. It can also be used as part of an extremely powerful integrated solution in a live show environment when used in conjunction with a partner desk, such as the Nomad, Acrobat·G6 or Illusionist.

Solo is available as a wireless controller with a high-resolution hand wheel (G3W) or as a cableconnected controller with high-resolution joystick or hand wheel options (G3). It can be operated using quick mode with a simplified user interface for simple rigging tasks or in advanced mode for full eChameleon capability. With a quick boot time and automatic discovery of available servers, connection couldn’t be more straight forward, allowing both specialist and nonspecialist operators to be up and running with minimum effort.

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