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Space Saving Truss

Space Saving Truss

The Xtreme Structures Space Saving Truss is a unique truss design that allows the truss to nest on itself and stack up to 10 high on a truss dolly.

Stacking the truss 10 high allows for 150 trusses to be loaded onto a single tractor trailer, greatly reducing the number of trucks required to transport the truss.

In comparison, shipping other trusses of the same size and strength will only allow for a total of approximately 60 trusses per truck.

Space saving truss comes in 24” or 36” format with spigot connections.

Standard lengths for space saving truss are 10 foot, 8 foot, and 5 foot with custom lengths available upon request.

All space saving trusses include the snap braces, clevis pins and R-clips and are fabricated by AWS certified welders in the United States. The snap braces include a half coupler on one end and a snap hook on the other. The half coupler is provided as a safety mechanism to prevent the brace from falling in the event the snap hook is improperly installed by the user.

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