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Spotline hoist

Spotline is specifically designed for vertical lifting. With integrated safety features including a redundant brake, Spotline can safely handle big loads without counter-weight assist.


  • 5hp SEW AC gearmotor with integrated brake and encoder. 20:1 gearbox hauls 500 lb at 36 in/sec.
  • Plug right into Stagehand Pro AC. Motor, primary brake, and secondary brake are all powered through a single connector for streamlined setup.
  • Plug right into Stagehand Pro AC. Encoder feedback, limit, and ultimate limit signals run through a single connector for streamlined setup.
  • 8" diameter aluminum drum grooved for 1/4" aircraft cable. Integrated cable keeper keeps the haul line wound neatly on the drum. 75' total capacity.
  • Spotline has been rigorously engineered and certified so you can lift with confidence.
  • All-aluminum frame construction reduces weight and eliminates corrosion.
  • Stagehand Pro AC can be mounted directly to the side of Spotline for compact, smart machine.



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