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Stagehand Pro AC

This Stagehand is all new, and we've focused every improvement toward the power user. Pro-Line features bring the Creative Conners brand of modular automation to touring productions, corporate events, and large performances. 


  • Three buttons allow for quick testing of either brake without releasing the load.
  • Run your motor right from the Stagehand without being connected to Spikemark. Perfect for moving your motor during load-in or jogging scenery out of the way.
  • Dual 9-volt backup will power the Stagehand motion controller to maintain encoder position during power failure.
  • Rack Mountable
  • Stagehand Pro converts to rack-mount by simply switching the handles and feet for the included rack mounting hardware
  • A heavy-duty braking resistor is included to handle rapid decelerations under full load.
  • The Mitsubishi A700 Variable Frequency Drive with closed-loop vector speed control produces smooth motion and detects encoder failures instantly.
  • Circuitry for dual brakes is operated by force-guided relays and monitored by a dedicated PLC.
  • Redundant, self-monitoring Emergency Stop circuit with force-guided contactors and approved safety module insure that your motor will stop in an instant if you need to unexpectedly abort movement.
  • Connection for a 5-pin XLR cable to receive the E-Stop signal from the Showstopper 3 system.
  • Neutrik EtherCon input for reliable network communication with Spikemark.
  • Heavy duty, positive latching connectors for motor, brake, limits, and encoders makes setup and strike fast and trouble-free.
  • Speed and position encoders, forward and reverse limits, and ultimate limits, all in a single multi-cable for easier cable runs and fewer tangled wires backstage.
  • Stagehand Pro runs on 200-240VAC 30-amp 50/60Hz 3-phase power.
  • Variable frequency power for up toa 5-hp motor, 200-240VAC single phase power for dual brakes, and fast brake swtiching lines all in a single multi-cable.
  • Stagehand Pro adds an ultimate limit circuit to protect against forward and reverse limit failures for additional safety.


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