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Syncrolite™ XL

Syncrolite™ XL

The Syncrolite™ XL is our largest and brightest searchlight. It features a number of exclusive Syncrolite proprietary innovations including true additive and subtractive dichroic color mixing using our patented Omnicolor™ dichroic system featuring DichroFilm™ heat-resistant color filters and holographic lensing. Scroller colors include cyan, yellow, magenta, red, green, blue, orange, violet and CTO, CTB & CTS are available on request – providing seamless color crossfading and unprecedented flat fields. The XL is ideal in large arenas, stadiums, outdoor projects and all long-throw architectural applications. The XL is available in a range of configurations including fully automated or static, with or without the Omnicolor™ system and with or without a douser.


  • Source: 7000W Xenon
  • Life: 500 Hours
  • Color Temp: 6000
  • Beam: Tight pencil beam to 20° Spread
  • Pan: 540° Variable Speed
  • Tilt: 250° Variable Speed
  • RDM optionally available on the purchase of new equipment
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