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Tactical Distribution Fiber

DMT-TE Series

Double Jacket Design - features two polyurethane jackets for exceptional durability

Overall Stainless Steel Braid -provides additional cable strength

Heavy Duty Tactical Design - constructed from high strength materials and coatings

Single-Mode or OM4 Fiber - 9u single-mode bend tolerant or 50u OM4 grade multi-mode

Overall Aramid Strength Member - central cable strength for pull and bend forces

Four Fiber Elements - designed for use with tactical fiber connectors

The DMT-TE series is a double jacketed tactical fiber cable for use in optical fiber cables in portable or hostile environments. It features a rugged polyurethane outer jacket, stainless steel braid, polyurethane inner jacket, aramid strength member, and high strength fiber coatings and buffers. The single-mode versions are made from bend tolerant glass that is less susceptible to micro-bending attenuation. Together these materials deliver significantly improved flex-life, crush resistance and tensile strength when compared to typical permanent installation multi-strand fiber cables.

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