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Theatre Pushstick

The Pushstick includes Zero-Fleet drum technology for quick and easy installation. Fast, quiet, and simple to setup, this winch makes moving scenery an easy part of your production.  Pushstick has a tiny footprint so you can pack more automation into a smaller space.

Key features:

Simple – Pre-wired plugs, built-in cable-tensioning, and a spring-loaded cable-keeper allow for quick set-up and take down.  Each winch comes with the accessories you need for reliable motion control: high resolution encoder, brake, and limit switches.

Powerful – Pushstick has a 5hp gearmotor capable of producing up to 700 lbs of pull which will drag wagons weighing thousands of pounds.

Fast – Pushstick pulls scenery at 36″/sec, and with a Stagehand  Pro AC it can be oversped to move at a brisk 72″/sec.

Rugged – Strong lightweight aluminum construction.  Mount the winch in any orientation to suit your show.

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