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Titan High-Performance Hoist

Titan lives up to its intimidating name by featuring very high capacities, travels and speeds. This is a true high-performance hoist that is manufactured to fit your requirements yet provides the economic benefits of an “off the shelf” system. Titan’s high-capacity (up to 3,300 lb (1,496 kg)) make it perfect for electrics and scenery sets. High speeds (up to 650 fpm) make it ideal for electrics and shells. Titan has a zero-fleet design that helps it fit in your theatre space. When not just any hoist will do, take the step up to Titan. The dual braking system and quality components ensure that Titan will work safely and reliably for years to come. J.R. Clancy’s SceneControl rigging control systems make operating your Titan easy and precise.

Key Benefits

  • Speed: Up to 650 fpm
  • 8 Line: 90'-0" max batten travel
  • 10 Line: 67'-0" max batten travel
  • Gross Cap.: Up to 3,300 lbs. (1,496 kg)
  • Max batten length: 96' (29 m)
  • A high-performance hoist for large performing arts centers
  • Perfect for applications requiring large capacity, speed and/or long travel
  • Can be manufactured to your requirements
  • Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or upright to fit your space
  • Load sensing and slack line safety features standard.
  • Ideal for lighting, scenery and acoustic shell ceilings
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