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TL5024 Lighting Control Console

TL5024 Lighting Control Console

The TL5024 is a 24 channel lighting control console which includes advanced features such as multiple scene banks, softpatching, multiple user programmable chases, and a LCD Status Display.

The TL5024 may be powered by the dimmers it is controlling which eliminate the need for nearby AC power.  The unit may also be powered by an external power supply (Required for DMX only operation). 

The TL5024 transmits the LMX128 multiplex lighting control protocol.  The unit is also equipped to transmit the DMX512 protocol.  The DMX512 can be factory retrofitted to existing units.

The TL5024 transmits 256 channels of DMX512 and 64 channels of LMX128.


  • LED Compatible
  • Optional Built In Wireless DMX
  • 24 Channels
  • 192 Scenes
  • 12 Chases
  • 240 Scene Cue List
  • Built In Softpatch
  • 2 Line LCD Display
  • Full Go Button
  • LMX-128 and DMX-512 Protocols


  • WS-TX - Wireless DMX Transmitter Built In
  • DMX02 - DMX-512 output / 230V operation
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