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TR1 Talent Receiver

The TR1 is the smallest, lightest package we could design while making it possible to manipulate in a hurry, or in the dark. On the front panel are inputs for both ¼” and 3.5mm plugs, and a rotary volume control which can be turned down, but not all the way off. Internal jumpers allow the technician to set the lowest level preferred. The rear panel features a green LED indicating that the unit is connected to the system and is receiving the required 18~30 VDC from the power supply. A red LED flashes indicating that audio traffic is being received. An external, recessed switch allows the technician to choose between single and two channel operation. Connection to the IFB circuit is made using the TR1’s removable cables that terminate either in a 3-pin female or a 3-pin male XLR or, provided with a cable which Ys, both are possible. A variety of lengths are available on request. Connection to the TR1 is via a 3-pin mini XLR. The cable used is steel reinforced..