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Trickline is a linear actuator made for Stagehand and Spikemark. If you’ve ever struggled with the accuracy, performance, and noise of pneumatic cylinders, Trickline is the machine for you. This guy is accurate, quiet and ready to tackle trapdoors, pop-up props, or sliding steps. Before you wrestle with another air hose or hissing valve, grab some Trickline instead.

Key features:

Strong – Trickline boasts 150lbs of line pull and the integral linear bearing is rated for 150lbs of dynamic load.

Fast – Trickline runs at a brisk 15 in/sec at 60Hz (30 in/sec oversped). Custom motor options are available.

Easy -Running a linear actuator with an electric motor eliminates the hassle of running hydraulics and offers better control than pneumatics.

Plug and Play – Trickline comes pre-wired to connect to our 1-2hp Stagehand Apprentice, so you can start writing cues quickly.

Safe – Trickline integrates with Showstopper to ensure that all effects can be halted in an instant if problems arise.

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