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Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmer

Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmer

The Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmer is a simple yet powerful high-capacity LED dimmer for use with our tunable white lighting products. This two-channel inline dimming controller features two rotary knobs on the top of the unit. The first knob controls the CCT of your tunable white lighting and the second knob controls the overall brightness. The color temperature mixing knob controls CCTs at constant brightness, so the light output remains constant as you set your desired CCT. Each knob is paired with a digital display that allows you to match lighting across multiple devices easily. Control up to eight amps per channel, or five amps per channel if you are using the convenient barrel plug. The dimmer also includes a switch that gives you the freedom to toggle between linear and logarithmic dimming curves. The design utilizes a 23 kHz PWM frequency to ensure no visible flicker on camera.


  • Tunable white dimmer
  • Two channels
  • 8 amps per channel (5 amps if using barrel plug)
  • Rotary knobs with digital displays
  • Linear and logarithmic dimming curve options
  • 23 kHz PWM output

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