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The Tyler Centerline™ Truss is a revitalization of standard box truss designs. Tyler Centerline™ Truss replaces the traditional 20.5” box truss with a 16” wide by 20” tall design that’s significantly stronger than its predecessor while also increasing truck pack density by 50%.

A center chord along the bottom of the truss allows technicians to hang lighting, projection or other fixtures at the truss’ natural center of gravity. Simply put: No more truss roll! Horizontally oriented spigot connections allow for quick and easy assembly of long truss runs. In addition, cost-effective, space-saving gates can now be used to create both corners and varying fixed angles.

Oversized locators on the bottom of each end lock for safer stacking when transporting the truss and keep your truss protected from the ground. If you choose to rig your slings from the bottom chord, these locators conveniently float the truss off the ground, so there’s no need to lift any truss to rig underneath!

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