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UltraRail Series

UltraRail Series

UltraRail® Series Black Light Fixtures: A Sleek, Modular Design For Small Spaces.

Finally, there’s an ultra-cool alternative to the cheap, under-the-cabinet fluorescent black lights you find in hardware stores.

For a much more elegant and powerful solution, there’s now UltraRail…

UltraRail is perfect for small, intimate, enclosed spaces such as shelving, exhibits, displays, coves, soffits, etc.

Here are the key features…

  • Its ultra-slim and sleek design means it fits just about anywhere, and looks terrific at the same time!
  • The extruded aluminum housing with an attractive satin anodized finish means its quite durable, as well.
  • Its key feature is its versatility: each fixture can be linked to any other UltraRail fixture of any length using modular connectors (included with each fixture). Optional link cords accommodate various linear or curved configurations.
  • Any space can be accommodated, and an infinite number of configurations are possible!
  • Snap-in mounting brackets and modular design mean installation is a breeze.
  • There are no external power supplies to deal with, and because the fixtures are linkable, only one power cable is required. Up to 300W (for example, 37 8W fixtures!) can plug into a single outlet, making it an easy, plug & play installation.
  • It features a built-in, high-performance electronic ballast for more powerful, energy-efficient output with clean, flicker-free operation and instant on-off control.
  • The electronic ballast and T5 fluorescent lamp produce a powerful throw (up to 10 feet) with low energy consumption.
  • Because it’s a fluorescent fixture, it has just the right kind of UV output (peaking at 368nm) for producing the best black light effects.
  • Despite all these features, the UltraRail also comes at an attractive price.
  • Options include…
  • 8W 12-inch, 14W 22-inch, and 28W 46-inch fixture lengths in 120V or 220V.
  • Each fixture includes one modular connector (for joining fixtures end-to-end) and two snap-in mounting brackets with screws.
  • Optional accessories include various length power cords (3’, 6’, 12’), power switch, junction box for hardwiring, and link cords (2”, 6”, 12”, 24”, 36”, 72”) for linking two fixtures at any angle or distance up to 72 inches.
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