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Our Vision - USDrobotics - Hardware Supercomputers for Autonomous Control


USDrobotics is new technology company that is developing hardware (not software) control and power systems for industrial class autonomous air, land, and sea vehicles which utilize pre-planned and approved flight paths and operate safely without human intervention. Our innovative technology will make commercial drones exponentially safer, more controllable, and more economical than piloted versions. In effect, our systems are autonomous flying robots, which inspired us to combine drone with robotics to coin the term Drobotics.

USDrobotics is an “Intel Inside” style IP company building an alternative IP portfolio for vehicles that enables creation of safe cooperative vehicle paths with 4D Autorouting, mitigates the risk of using autonomous platforms for destructive purposes, and provide high speed custom hardware supercomputers for the compute intensive tasks or piloting, navigation, and sense/avoid systems.The simplicity and natural multitasking capabilities of hardware will allow us to leapfrog ahead of traditional software solutions. High efficiency power systems will finally enable industrial class autonomous systems while application programmability in the platforms enables a new class of Application Specific Autonomous Vehicles or (ASAVs).  These are the features of the vehicles of the future.

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