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VaporFlame VF1

The VaporFlame VF1 is a flame effect accessory that attaches onto an LED lighting fixture and uses compressed air and water to create a plume of vapor.  The vapor plume is lit and creates a realistic fire effect without the use of flammable material, heat, or other pyrotechnics allowing VaporFlame to be safely placed in close proximity to performers, gear, and scenic elements.  The VF1 is an excellent fixture for creating a low 3” flicker of “fire” as well as a larger 3’ torch effect.  The VaporFlame technology atomizes water vapor so as to keep water from collecting on surfaces or other gear*. The VF1 uses standard air compressor service and any potable water.


  • “Flame” effects from 3 inches to 3 feet
  • Safe to touch - No Heat. No Flammable Material
  • Powered by potable water and compressed air (Clean water free of debris.)
  • Adjusts to attach to the yoke of an LED lighting fixture
  •  Air consumption- 0.3 cfm (+/- depending on usage)
  • Pressure- 35 psi
  • Water consumption 1/8 gallon per hour
  • DMX Channels- 2 (Air/Water); 5 pin Data In/Out
  • A/C Input- 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
  • Safe for indoor & outdoor use*
  • IP-65 Rated; For use on IP rated LED fixtures
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