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VHO Pro LiteRibbon - LITEGEAR

VHO Pro LiteRibbon

VHO Pro LiteRibbon AboutSpecificationsApplicationsDownloads The Building Block for Your Next Great Idea It’s the first and only color-correct, flexible LED ribbon on the planet. While it features an impressive 95 CRI rating, that’s only a small part of the story of VHO Pro. After years of formulation and extensive testing with A-list gaffers and renowned cinematographers, the fruits of our labor are finally available. Other similar products claim “high CRI” or “no green” but pale in comparison to VHO Pro’s full-spectrum color rendering. There are 24 variations to choose from for your next project. VHO Pro LiteRibbon® is available in two densities: high-density 120 and low-density 60. VHO Pro120 provides a concentrated, slightly “hard” output at about 1.5 watts per square inch. When specifying an intense light source for a small area, VHO Pro120 is a great choice. When more subdued light is required, VHO Pro 60 provides an unmistakably soft light output.

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