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W-DIM4 Four-Channel Wireless Dimmer

W-DIM4 Four-Channel Wireless Dimmer

The new RC4 Series 3 W-DIM4 is a high-power 4-channel DC dimmer for props, set-pieces, turntables, and more.  A genuine Wireless Solution W-DMX radio transceiver is built-in for compatibility with numerous wireless DMX systems from a range of manufacturers.

With super-smooth LED dimming, very high power halogen dimming, hobby servo-motor control, HSL color control, a sophisticated effects engine, and DMX input/output (both wireless and wired, including RDM), a single LumenDimM4 could be used to construct a complete miniature moving light, and is barely larger than a matchbox. RC4 understands the demands facing lighting professionals, propsmasters and special effects gurus in live entertainment and motion pictures.

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