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WatchPax 20


WATCHPAX 20 is fully plug-and-play media server with a pocket-size footprint, that makes it easy to mount close to displays as well as transport at shows. It ships with a full WATCHOUT license built in. For secure and smooth installation, WATCHPAX 20 is VESA compatible with a Kensington MiniSaver security slot. 

Pocket sized  4K media server
WATCHPAX 20 combine a compact footprint with great performance. WATCHPAX 20 features two Mini DisplayPort video outputs. 

Measuring just 127 x 127 x 23 mm, the unit is small enough to fit in your pocket as well as sit right next to a display, keeping the hardware close to the display source and cable lengths short. It’s ideal for installations where space is tight, or when you need an easily portable system. Each WATCHPAX 20 drives up to two displays. Multiple players may be used in installs.

• Plug and play – fast and easy to install
• Low power consumption
• Clean shutdown and power-up
• Locked-down unit
• Robust aluminum housing
• Extremely portable and easy to transport

More info available from North American premium partner Show Sage


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