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Waterproof RGB XL PixelControl LED Strip Light, 60/m, 12mm wide, by the 5m Reel

Waterproof RGB XL PixelControl LED Strip Light

Sold by the 5 meter reel and foot. RGB 5050 XL PixelControl LED strip light uses 5050 RGB LEDs with microscopic built-in integrated circuit chips, to produce eye catching animated effects at densities that were previously not achievable. Each group of 3 RGB LEDs contains one IC chip that is packaged into the segment, so the performance and visual effect of this RGB strip is like nothing you have ever seen. Each group of 3 RGB LEDs, also known as a pixel, on the strip can be individually controlled. We conducted extensive testing on a number of IC chips and chose the best one on the market. This microscopic IC chip is packaged onto the strip and provides the widest range of colors, is faster, more efficient, compact, and overall performs better than other IC chips.